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California family law focuses on the rights and best interests of children. Child support is meant to provide for the needs of children in cases of family law disputes, divorce, or partnership dissolution, or situations involving unmarried parents.

In a divorce, a court may order child support, or support arrangements may be negotiated through mediation, which allows parents to reach an agreement without the intervention of a judge. With the help of an attorney, you may be able to play an active role in matters of child support and child custody, which is closely related.

Contact the Law Offices of Benita Ventresca to arrange a free consultation and discuss your case. We are here to help you get the results that will make a difference for you and your children.

Representing Parents in Important Child Support Matters

At our law firm, we represent parents in important child support matters. Attorney Benita Ventresca also serves as a mediator in helping parties reach financial agreements in a constructive manner. As your attorney, she can help you:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities with regard to child support.
  • Reach agreement with your co-parent.
  • Represent you in court hearings.
  • Seek modification of a child support order if circumstances have changed in a significant way.
  • Handle support enforcement matters.

As your lawyer, Attorney Ventresca will work with you face to face and return your phone calls personally. She will never pass you off to an associate, assistant, or paralegal.

How Is Child Support Determined?

A noncustodial parent pays child support to the custodial parent to cover living expenses, including food, clothing and housing. A parent with sole custody receives set payments. Custodial parents or those awarded joint custody pay an amount based on a ratio between each parents income and parenting time. Final numbers related to income, expenses and parenting time are determined by state-mandated guidelines.

San Jose Child Support Attorney with Free Consultations

We can answer your questions about child support matters. Contact us for a free initial consultation with an experienced Santa Clara County child support attorney. Call today at 408-395-8822. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Los Gatos, California, just blocks from major freeways. Free valet parking is available.

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