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3 Reasons Divorce Mediation May Be the Right Choice for You

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Los Gatos mediation lawyer property division child custodyThere are a wide variety of reasons why couples choose to pursue a divorce. However, even if a marriage failed because of specific conflicts, such as one spouse’s disloyalty, the couple’s financial situation, or issues with substance abuse, the divorce process itself does not have to be highly contentious. In many cases, the quickest, cheapest, and most seamless way to finalize a divorce is through divorce mediation. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, you should speak with your attorney to discuss whether mediation will be a good fit for your situation. 

When Is Mediation the Best Option? 

Mediation is an alternative to courtroom litigation in which spouses work with a third party mediator to resolve the outstanding issues in their divorce. Mediation can be used to reach compromises regarding child custody, division of property, or any other decisions that need to be made. Mediation may be the right strategy for you in the following cases:

  1. You and Your Spouse Can Remain Civil: In order for the mediation process to be effective, you and your spouse must be able to have constructive conversations regarding your divorce. While the mediator can facilitate discussions and help you understand the legal issues that must be addressed, you and your spouse must be able to work together and make compromises. If you can put aside your differences and be productive during the mediation process, it can save you significant time and money. 

  2. You Want Control Over the Outcome of Your Divorce: One of the primary benefits of mediation is that it enables you and your spouse to craft a settlement that works for you. The two of you will be able to decide together on a fair resolution to your case rather than having to comply with a court’s decisions. This can be especially helpful if you own a business, need to address ownership of real estate, or simply have an understanding of how you want community property to be divided. 

  3. You Want to Share Parental Responsibilities: Divorce mediation can be a great solution for coming to agreements about child custody. You and your spouse can have productive conversations about how you want to raise your children, and you can devise a parenting schedule that works for both parties and is in the best interests of your children. The mediation process is also a good time to begin working on building a civil and professional relationship as co-parents, allowing you to continue cooperating after your divorce is finalized. 

Contact a Los Gatos Divorce Mediation Attorney

Attorney Benita Ventresca fully understands the rigors and challenges of the divorce process. She has always been a proponent of mediation as an alternative to a contested divorce spent in the courtroom. Mediation can enable you and your spouse to have control over your divorce and complete the process efficiently and effectively. To schedule a complimentary consultation with a knowledgeable Los Gatos, CA divorce lawyer, call us today at 408-395-8822. 


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