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Avoiding Parenting Mistakes During Your Divorce

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CA custody attorneyEnding a marriage through divorce is often best for all family members, including parents and children, since it can eliminate conflict and tension in a home where a couple’s relationship has broken down. However, parents and children often struggle to adjust to their new reality following divorce, and continuing conflict between parents can make things difficult for everyone. Since both parents want what is best for their children, they should try to work together even after they are no longer married, cooperating to raise their children. Here are some tips for avoiding common mistakes that parents make during and after divorce:

Maintain consistency - It is best for children to have a consistent routine and expectations at both parents’ homes. Following regular schedules for meals, baths, chores, and bedtimes can help them avoid uncertainty. Parents should also work together to ensure that they follow similar rules and disciplinary procedures at both houses.

Avoid competition between parents - Parents should not spoil or overindulge their children in an attempt to influence their children’s preferences between parents. It is also important to avoid speaking negatively about the other parent, criticizing their disciplinary choices, or overriding their rules.

Keep children away from conflict - Parents are likely to disagree about a variety of legal and personal issues, but children should be shielded from any of these disputes or arguments. Parents should be sure to communicate directly with each other rather than using children as messengers.

Talk to children in an age-appropriate manner - Children are likely to ask questions about why their parents decided to divorce, but it is important to avoid sharing details that they are too young to understand or blaming the other parent for the breakdown of the marriage. Parents should also avoid relying on their children for emotional support.

Communicate with each other - Even when ex-spouses do not get along, they should be sure to keep each other informed about their children, making sure to share any relevant details about their education, medical care, activities, and important developments in their lives. This will ensure that both parents are closely involved in their children’s lives and are able to maintain good relationships with them.

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