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Can My Spouse and I Use Virtual Mediation to Reach a Divorce Settlement?

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Los Gatos, CA divorce attorney for virtual mediationGetting divorced can be a complex process even in the best of times, and issues such as property division and child custody can lead to emotional and contentious disputes between spouses. The COVID-19 pandemic has added an additional level of difficulty to divorce proceedings, since spouses will not only be struggling to resolve the legal issues related to their breakup, but they may also be concerned about staying safe and avoiding infection as they find new living arrangements, share custody of children, meet with attorneys, and attend court hearings. In many cases, mediation can be a beneficial way to resolve divorce disputes, and couples may be able to complete this process virtually using electronic devices and online tools.

Benefits of Virtual Mediation

During divorce mediation, spouses will meet with a neutral mediator and work together to create a divorce settlement that addresses all outstanding legal issues related to the end of their marriage. This often allows couples to complete the divorce process more quickly, and by cooperating and making compromises, they can both be satisfied with the decisions that are made. For those who do not want to meet with a mediator in person, virtual mediation can allow them to work together remotely by using videoconferencing programs such as Zoom.

In addition to providing safety by avoiding potential exposure to infections, virtual mediation provides a number of other benefits. Being able to have discussions from the comfort of one’s own home can help reduce stress, since spouses will not need to be in an unfamiliar office. It is also very easy to take a break if discussions get heated or emotional, and turning off the camera or stepping away from the computer for a moment can provide a momentary reprieve that would not necessarily have been available in other situations.

Since spouses are already using technological tools to connect with each other and the mediator remotely, they may also be able to find ways to collaborate as they create their divorce settlement. By using shared online documents, they can update their settlement in real time, and they and the mediator can review the terms of the agreement to ensure that all of their concerns have been addressed. Once the settlement has been created and reviewed by each party’s attorney, the spouses may also be able to attend a virtual court hearing to finalize their divorce, depending on whether this option is provided in the court where their divorce case is being heard.

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