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How Can an Attorney Assist in a Child Abuse Case?

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Los Gatos divorce lawyer for child abuse claimsTragically, more than 2.9 million instances of child abuse are reported in the United States each year, and many more cases go unreported. For children, the long-term implications of abuse can go far beyond the physical harm they suffer. According to numerous studies, children who have faced some form of abuse are less likely to excel academically, socially, or psychologically as they get older. While it is crucial to always ensure the safety of a child first, it is also important to understand that some child abuse claims are false or fabricated. In family law cases involving child abuse, parents should be sure to work with a skilled attorney, whether they have been falsely accused of abuse or are looking to protect a child from an abuser. 

False Accusations 

A child abuse accusation can drastically impact a person’s life. Not only can these allegations lead to potential criminal consequences, but other areas of one’s life can be affected, including their reputation, their family relationships, and their ability to find or maintain employment. Unfortunately, many claims of child abuse are made during divorce. If separating parents are addressing child custody in court, the claim that one parent has committed abuse can have a huge impact on the decisions that are made. In some cases, a parent may make false claims of child abuse in hopes of swaying the court to decide in their favor, or they may do so in an attempt to punish the other parent and restrict their amount of time with the couple’s children.

In California, a report of suspected child abuse will be investigated by a social worker who will examine the evidence and speak to any involved parties. Upon completion of the investigation, the social worker will report one of three findings: unfounded (no abuse occurred), substantiated (abuse was more likely than not to have occurred), or inconclusive. A substantiated finding may result in criminal charges, and it will be considered by the court when making decisions about child custody and visitation. 

If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, you should speak with an attorney immediately. At the Law Offices of Benita Ventresca, we can provide you with representation during a social worker’s investigation, ensuring that your side of the story is heard and demonstrating that the claims are false. We can also represent you in family court and help you show that you are not a danger to your child, working to ensure that you will be able to maintain the parental relationship your child deserves.

Protecting Your Child 

In cases in which a child is being abused, it is important for the child to be removed from the situation immediately, and parents or those who are caring for the child should hire a quality attorney as soon as possible. At the Law Office of Benita Ventresca, we can assist you in filing a report of child abuse and obtaining an order of protection to prevent further acts of abuse, and we will argue on your child’s behalf in court to ensure that decisions about child custody and visitation will protect them from harm. 

Contact a Los Gatos, CA Family Law Attorney 

Attorney Benita Ventresca understands the complex legal issues that can arise in cases involving allegations of child abuse, and she is prepared to argue on your behalf in any legal proceedings. Whether you are looking to protect your child from harm or have been falsely accused of abuse, she can provide the legal help you need. To schedule a complimentary initial consultation with our skilled Los Gatos child abuse lawyer, call us today at 408-395-8822.



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