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How Can Divorce Mediation Help Resolve Child Custody Disputes?

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Los Gatos CA divorce mediation lawyer child custodyIn the heat of the divorce proceedings, sometimes one parent is willing to do just about anything to hurt the other parent. In other cases, one parent may have legitimate concerns about their child’s health and safety when they are in the care of the other parent, and they may be willing to fight for months or years to protect their child. When there is a custody disagreement, mediation can ease the financial and emotional burden on all parties involved by allowing parents to take a more personal approach to resolving their disputes while saving time and money by not dragging matters out in the courtroom.

What Is the Purpose of a Mediator?

Divorce mediation is designed to bring parents together and help them settle on a parenting plan that will work for their individual situation. A mediator assists in facilitating agreements and provides the necessary information to both sides to help them come to an agreement. An attorney experienced in mediation knows the laws but also understands the human, emotional part of parenting during and after a divorce. It can be difficult to see past one’s own anger and fears during a divorce, and as a neutral third party, a mediator can advocate for the child or children involved, working to overcome the parents’ emotional disputes. 

Litigation in court is clinical and impersonal, and it can become drawn out and expensive when resolving custody and visitation matters. Mediation allows parents to work together to reach an agreement that they can both be satisfied with. However, if mediation lasts a long time, and either or both parents still refuse to come to terms, a mediator can provide an assessment and recommendations to the court. This often helps the judge to make a more informed decision that is in the children’s best interests.

What Does a Mediator Do?

Mediators will meet with both parents, either together or one at a time, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. During these meetings, the mediator will collect information about what each parent believes are the most important issues, and they will help the parents address these concerns. The mediator will work with parents to come to an agreement on child custody and parenting time while addressing issues such as transportation, communication, and other details and ensuring that both parties understand the legal issues they must address and resolve. 

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In the end, every situation is different. If you feel like your divorce requires an experienced mediator who can help you resolve your disputes while protecting your rights and your child’s needs, contact a Los Gatos mediation attorney to explore your options. Call the Law Offices of Benita Ventresca at 408-395-8822 and set up a free consultation today.


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