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How to Protect Your Rights During a High-Conflict Divorce

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Los Gatos divorce lawyer for high conflict casesIf you have decided to end your marriage and pursue a divorce, you may experience a great deal of turbulence in your life as you determine how to separate from your spouse and begin living as a single person. In some cases, couples may separate amicably and work together to resolve divorce-related issues using methods such as mediation. However, there are also cases in which a divorce can become hostile and highly contested. If you are experiencing high levels of conflict when separating from your spouse, you will want to understand the best ways to respond and protect your rights during the divorce process. 

What You Can Do During a Hostile Divorce 

When a divorce becomes contentious, it is important to remain calm, avoid conflict whenever possible, and focus on the things that matter. Some steps you can take in these cases include:

  • Focus on Your Safety: If your spouse has committed abuse against you or your children, or if they have acted in a way that has caused you to fear for your family’s safety, you will want to take steps to protect yourself and your children from harm. You may need to obtain an order of protection that will prohibit any further acts of abuse or violence, prevent your spouse from contacting you or entering your residence, and put arrangements in place to ensure that you will be able to meet your family’s needs as you proceed with the divorce process.

  • Be Organized and Composed: If your spouse becomes argumentative or attempts to instigate conflict, it is common to want to fight back. However, it is usually best to avoid taking the bait and becoming embroiled in contentious disputes. Instead, you can focus on what you can control by gathering evidence to support your side of the case, correctly filing paperwork, and preparing for court hearings. By staying calm and maintaining your composure in court, you can avoid the types of conflict that can complicate and extend the divorce process.

  • Become Closer With Your Children: Addressing the changes that are necessary during divorce can be challenging for everyone involved, including your children. Cases involving high levels of conflict between parents can be emotionally trying for children, so you will want to focus on meeting their needs and ensuring that they understand that you will always be there for them. During the divorce process, you should be sure to maintain a close relationship with your children, including addressing their academic needs and being involved in extracurricular activities. Demonstrating your level of involvement as a parent can help ensure that children’s best interests are protected when making decisions about child custody

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Attorney Benita Ventresca has years of experience representing divorcing spouses, and she can help you understand the best approach to take in high-conflict situations. She can provide you with the representation you need and help you achieve an outcome that protects your rights and provides for your children’s best interests. To schedule a complimentary initial consultation with a compassionate Los Gatos family law attorney, call us today at 408-395-8822. 


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