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How to Successfully Navigate the Divorce Mediation Process

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Every year, thousands of American couples make the challenging decision to pursue a divorce. While most couples view divorce as a complicated process that will likely have to be resolved in court, other methods of resolving divorce-related conflicts are continually growing in popularity. Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution strategy in which the two parties work together with a professional mediator to reach a divorce settlement. Mediation can be used to address issues such as child custody, property division, and spousal support payments. While mediation can be the most optimal strategy for resolving the outstanding issues in your divorce, mistakes can be made during the mediation process. Here are a few ways you can ensure that your mediation goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Find the Right Mediator: Mediation can be a fantastic alternative to litigation in court, allowing a couple to resolve conflicts while a professional mediator facilitates the discussions and guides the parties toward a mutually agreeable compromise. In order for this process to work as well as possible, you and your spouse need to find the right mediator for you. Basic qualities you should look for in a mediator include experience and knowledge of your state’s divorce laws. On a personal level, you want to find a mediator that will be compassionate and understanding of both parties’ perspectives. 

  • Know When To Stand Your Ground: While divorce mediation does require a level of compromise between the two parties, you should not be afraid to stand your ground on issues that you are passionate about. By laying out your goals for the resolution you want to achieve, you can help the mediator to gain an informed understanding of how far apart you and your spouse are on specific issues surrounding the divorce. While you may be willing to make some concessions in order to reach a resolution, you should know when to draw the line. 

  • Remain Composed: The mediation process can be productive for divorcing spouses, but only if both parties show a willingness to work cooperatively. If you become aggravated or feel as though you are being mistreated, take a break and return to the mediation with a well-thought-out argument. Patience and understanding are critical components of any successful mediation. 

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While the divorce process can be emotionally challenging, it does not have to be overly contentious. With over 35 years of experience helping couples navigate divorce, Attorney Benita Ventresca is prepared to assist you through the challenges you are facing while working to help you reach a positive outcome to the mediation process. To schedule a complimentary initial consultation with a skilled Los Gatos divorce attorney, call our office today at 408-395-8822


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