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How You Can Protect Yourself During a Hostile Divorce

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Los Gatos divorce litigation lawyerOf the thousands of divorces that take place each year throughout the United States, many of them are entirely amicable. However, it is not uncommon for the divorce process to become hostile. Your marriage may be ending because one spouse acted in a dishonest or disloyal manner, or there may be a number of contested issues that must be resolved before your divorce can be finalized. In these cases, it is important to know how to react if your former spouse becomes hostile. Following the tips below could help you avoid costly mistakes during the divorce process. 

What You Can Do During a Contentious Divorce 

The decisions made during divorce will affect your life for years to come. If your ex-spouse is hostile, reaching an agreement on the various issues that must be addressed can be difficult. To ensure that you are able to reach a positive resolution, you should take the following steps: 

  • Hire an Experienced Attorney: When choosing a divorce attorney, you will want to make sure to work with a person who has experience addressing complex divorce issues, and you need to be able to trust your lawyer to represent your best interests. If your former spouse is aggressive or hostile regarding divorce issues such as the division of community property or the custody of your children, you may need to resolve these issues in court. In these cases, it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in successfully litigating divorce cases. 

  • Protect Your Finances and Personal Information:  When an ex-spouse begins to act erratically, there is no limit to what they may try to do. Your ex may attempt to access your social media accounts, spread damaging personal information, or attempt to take money out of joint bank accounts. By taking the proper precautions, you can limit the damage that your ex-spouse can do. Change the passwords on your online accounts and electronic devices and close or limit access to joint bank accounts or credit cards. If your ex-spouse is acting illegally by harassing you, eavesdropping on you, or spending marital funds, your attorney can help you understand the steps you can take to address this. 

  • Think About Your Children: Divorce can be incredibly traumatic for children, especially if they are exposed to conflict between parents. It is important to recognize that no matter how angry you get at your spouse, your actions can have a monumental impact on your child’s development. Maintaining a level of professionalism in front of your child can help protect them from emotional harm, and showing that you are putting your children’s best interests first may be beneficial when addressing child custody issues in court.

Contact a Los Gatos, CA Divorce Attorney 

Attorney Benita Ventresca has helped countless spouses work through difficult divorces. While divorce mediation can be the most amicable way to navigate a divorce, Attorney Ventresca understands that mediation is not always possible. If your agreement must be litigated in court, Attorney Ventresca is prepared to do everything in her power to protect your interests. To schedule a complimentary initial consultation with a compassionate Los Gatos family law attorney, call us today at 408-395-8822. 




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