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Inside a California Divorce Courtroom

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California divorce attorney, California family law attorneyDivorce is typically a stressful experience. Anxiety can build from the finality of the marriage, the financial situation, and any number of additional factors. One stress factor that may be alleviated with more information is what to expect inside of the courtroom. For many, the fear of the unknown is one of their biggest sources of anxiety. While they may differ slightly, courtrooms generally have many similarities.

Courthouse Security

Courthouses are government buildings. Therefore, most courthouses have security measures, like a metal detector that you will walk through to announce any prohibited weapons. You will need to remove anything from your person that contains metal before going through, including:

  • Belt;
  • Jewelry; and
  • Keys.

Additionally, they will likely use an x-ray scanner to fully scour any items you carried in with you, such as a briefcase, purse, or diaper bag. In lieu of these measures, a visual physical bag check and a wand metal detector may be used.

Know Where to Look

Many courtrooms have proper signage to assist with any questions you may have. Outside of the courtroom, all of the hearings that will be heard that day will be posted. Be sure you find your name before going in as you do not want to be in the wrong room when your case is called. Additionally, there will be a list of proper courtroom etiquette, such as:

  • No cell phones;
  • No gum;
  • No food and/or beverages; and
  • No sunglasses.

No Jury

Except under unusual circumstances, divorce cases do not require a jury. This may be a positive point as a jury of 12 of your peers poring over the intimate details of your life may not be something that you readily embrace. In a general divorce case, the judge will make all of the decisions in the case.  

It Is Public

While it is unlikely that you will have a jury, there is a high probability that many other individuals will join you in the courtroom. Unless you happen to be the only case on the calendar, there will be other people scheduled to see the judge that day, perhaps at the same time. Plan on spending a good portion of the day there and be pleasantly surprised if you do not. The public is additionally welcome to view each hearing, therefore your friends and family are welcome to attend as a show of support, but bringing a large entourage may not help your case.

Obtaining experienced legal counsel is often a large contributor to lowered stress levels during divorce proceedings. Clients find comfort in the knowledge that their future rests in the hands of a skilled and proven attorney. If you are interested in discussing your divorce options with a San Jose divorce attorney, contact Ventresca Law Firm today at 408-395-8822 to schedule your free initial consultation.  



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