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Legal Alternatives If You Never Tied the Knot

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California family law attorney, California mediation lawyerMany children grow up envisioning their wedding day, dressed up as a prince or princess and marrying the person of their dreams. With today’s family dynamics coupled with a high divorce rate, this dream shatters, and many are left in an alternate situation. Perhaps they find their soulmate, the person with whom they are intended to travel through life. However, a growing number of couples choose to cohabitate rather than legally tie the knot. A common reasoning for choosing to remain legally separate is that “there is no need if what we have is good; marriage is just a piece of paper.” However, that “piece of paper” can make life easier down the road and provide protection because eventually, all good love stories come to an end, be it through natural death or separation. If your ending to a long-term relationship is a breakup, what are your options for property division or child custody? One great solution is divorce mediation.

A House Divided

Those who choose to cohabitate in California are not under any protection from a common law marriage that couples in other states enjoy. California has no such laws; if you never made it legal, the union never existed. With that said, no one enters into a committed long-term relationship knowing or even hoping that it will fail. If we all were able to see into the future, perhaps we would choose the marriage option to make a separation easier to navigate under the divorce laws of the state. Since divorce litigation is not an option, there are alternatives to assist splitting couples who were never married. One such example is mediation. This solution supports those who wish to guide their post-relationship agreement without the inclusion of a judge. Together, with the assistance of a mediator, you and your now ex can work out a legal agreement for all of the pieces of your lives together. Benefits of mediation include:

  • Less costly,
  • Faster results,
  • Personalized outcome,
  • Durable solutions,
  • Power maintenance,
  • Confidential, and
  • Protection.

What to Do When You Split

As the next generation of adults progresses, we see a rise in couples choosing cohabitation over marriage. However, splitting couples in these households are left to fight out arrangements without the protection of the law. If you and your significant other have decided to call it quits but were unmarried, mediation may be a viable option for you. If you would like to explore this option or discuss other solutions, contact a San Jose, CA mediation attorney today by calling the Law Offices of Benita Ventresca today. Attorney Benita Ventresca has over 35 years of experience in the area helping clients just like you by offering compassionate service to achieve a favorable outcome in your family law matters. Call today at 408-395-8822 to take advantage of your free initial consultation.



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