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Mediation Is an Alternative to Litigation in Matters of Family Law

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b2ap3_thumbnail_mediation_20171101-034651_1.jpgCalifornia custody lawyerTelevision and film are rich with depictions of litigation, courtrooms, and righteous legal prose. In film, there are the many adaptations of novels written by author John Grisham, including The Firm, The Client, and The Pelican Brief, among others. On television, there are How to Get Away With Murder, Suits, and, perhaps the all-time most well-known show, Law and Order. A common thread among all these many narratives is the element of confrontation.

The reason for this commonality is the adversarial nature of litigation. Whether between a state prosecutor and a local criminal defense attorney or between a tort litigator and the defense counsel in a civil court, the parties are fighting for the outcome that best serves their interests. As human beings, we are wired to be interested in competition and conflict in the social world, as these activities have much to with power – a resource central to so many of the activities of society, whether in the U.S. or abroad. An experienced Los Gatos mediation attorney, however, knows that mediation and compromise may succeed where competition and conflict fail.

Bay Area Wealth and Property Values Bear on Matters of Mediation

Mediation is an alternative to litigation. Unlike litigation, which is inherently adversarial, mediation is about working together, even when disagreements and even hostilities are present, to reach a mutually agreeable outcome in confines less formal and rife with tension and expense than a court of law. While such an approach to dispute resolution may not make for as gripping as a film or television script, it can be just what you need in matters of family law. Divorce, legal separation, property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation, child support, and prenuptial agreements – each one of these legal matters fall under the umbrella of family law. The Bay Area, as you are surely aware, has seen staggering increases in property values and, for some, annual income, as a result of the tech boom that began in the 1990s and continues on to present day through mega-corporations like Google and Facebook.

What to Do If You Are Considering Mediation of a Family Law Matter

Whether you are looking to delicately broach the issue of the need for a prenuptial agreement, amicably divide complex stock options, or obtain or modify a court order for child or spousal support, mediation may prove an invaluable resource. To discuss utilizing mediation as a sensible means of asserting your legal rights and interests, Please contact a skilled Los Gatos family law attorney from Ventresca Law Firm at 408-395-8822. We assist clients in the Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, and San Jose area.



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