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Mediation Can Save Money and Stress in Your California Divorce

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Los Gatos, CA divorce mediation attorneyThere are many details to work out during a divorce. Unfortunately, some couples end up in a cycle of litigation in which no one really wins. Arguments about custody, property, child support, alimony, etc. can result in both parties running up major attorney’s fees and court costs. Rather than fighting out every little thing through the legal process, some couples may be able to save a lot of money and stress in the long run by opting for mediation.

Avoid Wasting Time and Money on Litigation

When you and your partner decide to call it quits, dividing marital property and agreeing on what is best for your children can sometimes be complicated. Even if both parties mean well, which is not always the case, the divorce can end up dragging on and on, causing unnecessary stress and huge expenses.

If you and your soon-to-be-ex cannot reach an agreement on some things, it may be time to hire a mediator. A mediator can take on one issue at a time and help the two of you work out decisions that are fair to both of you. This can greatly reduce the time and money needed to complete your divorce, since going through the courts to resolve every little disagreement can take years and cost thousands of dollars.

How Can a Mediator Help?

A mediator is a neutral party who can act as a go-between when working to reach an agreement about the legal issues that must be resolved. While it can be difficult for those involved in a divorce to see issues with a clear head, a third party who does not have a stake in the outcome of the divorce can be advantageous to everyone. Mediators can save a great deal of money and stress by being a voice of reason in the midst of an emotionally charged time.

A mediator can calmly look at both parties’ incomes, bank accounts, retirement funds, and investments, along with shared property, mortgages, loans, credit card debts, etc. He or she can go through everything and make suggestions on fair ways to divide both the assets and the debts. A mediator can also discuss both parents’ relationships with the children and help create a custody and visitation agreement that protects children’s best interests while ensuring that child support is determined correctly.

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