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When Establishing Paternity Is Prerequisite to a California Child Support Order

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California family lawyerRaising a child on your own is hard work. It is one thing if you chose to be a single mother, or if the father of the child has passed away, or if there is been an amicable split resulting in sole custody. If, however, you need and deserve the support of the father of the child but are not receiving it, that is very different. It is, you will be relieved to learn, possible to obtain a child support order in a California court, compelling the child’s father to pay child support on a regular basis.

When this process becomes saddled with an unwanted layer of complexity, however, is when there is a dispute as to who is the father of the child. Obviously, only the biological father of the child may be compelled by a state court to furnish child support payments. Prerequisite to a child support order, in some cases as you have now likely deduced, is establishing paternity. Help with paternity matters of all kinds is available from a dedicated Los Gatos family law attorney.

A DNA Test May Be Used to Establish Paternity

Paternity is a serious matter, obviously. As such, mere verbal claims of parentage are insufficient. Identifying the mother of the child is almost never an issue; the process of the child’s birth is clear and almost always witnessed by relevant medical personnel. Identifying the father or merely holding the father responsible, in some instances, however, is difficult or at least met with resistance. Whether the child’s father is simply trying to avoid paying child support, or if there is genuine question surrounding the parentage of the child due to other sexual partners around the time of the child’s conception, a DNA test may be used to establish paternity. In compelling the taking of a DNA test, the services of a dedicated Los Gatos family law attorney are of great help.

When a DNA Test Be Compelled after a Reasonable Request Is Denied

Often, a request made to a man told that he is the father of a child may suffice. Not every father wants to avoid child support. When, however, a reasonable request is denied, the law may be used to compel a DNA test. In such times, the skill of a qualified DNA test and paternity lawyer will prove invaluable in establishing paternity and ultimately obtaining the child support you need and deserve for yourself and for your child. Please contact a skilled Los Gatos family law attorney from Ventresca Law Firm at 408-395-8822. We assist clients in the Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, and San Jose area.




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