Caifornia divorce attorneyIf you have already decided that you will proceed with mediation for the numerous benefits it offers, you may be wondering what your next steps should be. There are several ways our clients prepare for their mediation sessions.

  1. Reflect on why you want to mediate.

When you are setting out to prepare for mediation, it is important to keep in mind why you want to mediate. Perhaps mediation was your spouse’s idea, and you are not so sure about the process.

Whatever the situation, it is important to focus on the benefits of mediation going into the process in order to make it worthwhile. Perhaps mediation appeals to you because many of the details of your marriage will remain confidential. Perhaps, you’ve determined that mediation will be more cost effective.

Other people believe that mediation will encourage divorcing couples to work together on issues in the future or will be easier for the children involved. Even if you are not optimistic that mediation will resolve all your issues, preparing for mediation will prepare you for your day in court. The groundwork you do now will pay off at some point.

2. Gather documentation and create lists of property.

You will want to organize any paperwork relating to property, bank accounts, and debts. It is also wise to have a list of all property you know to be owned by yourself, your spouse or both of you. A mediator will be able to identify which items will be implicated in the divorce proceedings.

3. Think about what scenarios would be acceptable to you.

It is crucial that both parties be flexible during the mediation process. Divorce causes huge changes that you thought would never come to pass.

That said, you can still set reasonable boundaries for your wishes. If you walk away from the mediation with a plan that you know will not work for you and your family, you will likely end up back at the mediation table or in court. Also, some parts of mediation are all but irreversible.

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If you would like to utilize the mediation process to resolve your divorce or family law dispute, there are things you have control over that can make these proceedings run smoothly.

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