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Should I Consider Mediation for My Divorce?

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Santa Clara County divorce mediation attorneyIf you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage and pursue a divorce, you will be facing a lot of questions about how your life will change and the legal issues that you will need to address. As you proceed with the divorce process, one important question you should ask yourself is whether you can use divorce mediation to reach a divorce settlement. When you use mediation, you and your spouse will work with a neutral mediator to discuss and resolve all of the issues in your divorce, including child custody, spousal support, community property, and financial matters. The mediator will serve to facilitate the conversation and help you remain professional and focused as you work to reach a mutually agreeable divorce settlement. 

The Benefits of Mediation

The long-term and short-term benefits of divorce mediation cannot be understated. Not only can divorce mediation expedite the divorce process, ensuring that you and your spouse can move forward successfully into the next chapter of your lives, but mediation can also result in significant financial savings. Perhaps most importantly, divorce mediation will provide you with an increased level of control and flexibility in making the critical decisions in your divorce. 

When a divorce is resolved in court, a judge will ultimately make decisions on issues such as child custody and the division of community property. Mediation, on the other hand, will give you and your spouse full control over the decisions made. If you and your spouse have children together, the mediation process can serve as a foundation for how you will work together as co-parents in the coming years.  

When Mediation May Not Be the Right Option 

While mediation can seem like a clear choice for some couples, it may not be the right choice for everyone. If you or your spouse struggle to remain civil, and you believe that you will be unable to have constructive conversations and make compromises, mediation may not be effective. It should also be noted that if your spouse has a history of aggressive or abusive behavior, it may be best to avoid mediation and have your attorney handle communications with your spouse and their lawyer as you negotiate a divorce settlement. 

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Attorney Benita Ventresca has spent years helping her clients navigate the divorce process. As an experienced mediator, Attorney Ventresca is prepared to work with both parties, helping you resolve issues such as child custody and property division. To schedule a complimentary consultation with a knowledgeable Los Gatos family law attorney, contact us today at 408-395-8822. 


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