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Study Shows Some Couples at Higher Risk for Divorce than Others

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California divorce attorney, California family law attorneyAmericans hear it from everywhere: half of all marriages end in divorce. It is recited by the media, pop culture, and even expert analysts. There is, however, emerging evidence that suggests the divorce rate may not be quite as high as Americans are told. In fact, a 2014 publication from The New York Times reported that divorce rates are actually on the decline. And, more recently, an analyst determined that the rate of divorce varies based on a number of factors, including education level, ethnicity, and gender.

Why the Myth Exists

According to the analyst, the myth that half of all marriages end in divorce stems from bad math. He explained that most analysts divide the number of divorces of any given year by the number of marriages for that year. If, however, it was taken into account that the people who married that same year are not actually the same people who divorced that year, the numbers would come out quite differently. And, if the data is examined over a longer period of time, those numbers change even more. The New York Times article from 2014 estimated that about a third of all marriages end in divorce; the analyst says the data is even more complex.

Higher Education Decreases Risk

Based on an in-depth analysis of both people who have married, and of those who have divorced in various age groups, risk of divorce seemed to decline for those with a higher education. More specifically, about 39 percent of men and 37 percent of women with a high school education or less divorced or remarried over the course of their lives while 28 percent of men and 29 percent of women with a bachelor’s degree experienced a divorce. This suggests that, for one reason or another, higher education reduces the risk of divorce.

Ethnicity a Major Factor

When examining divorce and marriage rates by ethnicity, the analyst found a major disparity. For white men and white women, the divorce rates were 36 percent and 38 percent, respectively. Black Americans had a slightly higher risk, falling at 42 percent for both men and women, but the rates for Hispanics were lower – 27 percent for men and 30 percent of women. The lowest risk was found to be among Asian-Americans, with only one-fifth of the total population getting divorced or remarried. Native Americans had the highest rates, falling at 44 percent for men and 45 percent for women.

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