California family lawyerRestraining orders, also called protective orders, are designed to stop harassment, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. Commonly, restraining orders are used to protect one family members, or intimate partner, from another. There are four types of restraining orders in California, and three aspects to each, which are described below. If you or a loved one is being harassed, stalked, or otherwise abused, a restraining order may be necessary. A Los Gatos family law attorney will be able to help you file for a restraining order so that protection begins as soon as possible.

What Will a Restraining Order Accomplish?

Under California law, there are four types of restraining orders:

The most common use of any type of protective order is that of domestic partner violence. There are three aspects to a restraining order that you may ask from the court. The first is a personal conduct order, which restrains the abusive person from:

The last aspect of a protective order includes a kick out or move out order. This requires that the person leave the place where the protected person lives and to only take clothing and personal belongings with them until a court hearing.

Do Protection Orders Really Work?

Protection orders are created to reduce the future risk of harm to the victim by the abuser. This is accomplished by restricting the contact that the abuser is allowed, and by creating harsh penalties to dissuade the abuser from continuing their actions. However, do they work? The answer is yes, but with mixed results. According to a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, despite “controversy about their [protective order] effectiveness, available research supports the conclusion that they are associated with reduced risk of violence toward the victim.”

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