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CA divorce lawyerCouples who are planning to get married are not likely to be thinking about divorce. However, taking the time to consider how certain matters will be handled if their relationship ever ends can save them a great deal of difficulty in the future. By creating a prenuptial agreement, a couple can make decisions about issues such as the division of property or spousal support, ensuring that their rights and financial security will be protected, no matter what happens in the years to come. Here are some benefits that a prenuptial agreement can provide:

Protecting assets - California is a community property state, which means that property owned by married spouses must be divided equally during divorce. A prenuptial agreement can specify each spouse’s ownership rights to any property owned by a spouse prior to getting married or acquired by married spouses. This can be especially helpful when one or both spouses own business interests since an agreement can determine how business ownership will be handled and ensure that the business can remain operational after divorce.

Assigning responsibility for debts - If either spouse has significant debt, a prenuptial agreement can make decisions about who will be responsible for this debt after divorce. It may also specify how the spouses’ incomes will be allocated to pay for debt during their marriage.


CA child custody lawyerDuring divorce, spouses may feel some animosity toward each other, which is to be expected when a relationship has fallen apart. Unfortunately, the fallout from the breakup of a marriage can also affect the children of divorcing parents, and in some cases, a parent will actively attempt to harm their children’s relationship with the other parent in hopes of influencing the outcome of child custody disputes. This is known as parental alienation, and it can be incredibly damaging to children’s mental health and well-being. During a contentious divorce case, parents should watch for the warning signs of this type of behavior and seek legal help when necessary.

Types of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation can take many forms, including:


CA custody attorneyEnding a marriage through divorce is often best for all family members, including parents and children, since it can eliminate conflict and tension in a home where a couple’s relationship has broken down. However, parents and children often struggle to adjust to their new reality following divorce, and continuing conflict between parents can make things difficult for everyone. Since both parents want what is best for their children, they should try to work together even after they are no longer married, cooperating to raise their children. Here are some tips for avoiding common mistakes that parents make during and after divorce:

Maintain consistency - It is best for children to have a consistent routine and expectations at both parents’ homes. Following regular schedules for meals, baths, chores, and bedtimes can help them avoid uncertainty. Parents should also work together to ensure that they follow similar rules and disciplinary procedures at both houses.

Avoid competition between parents - Parents should not spoil or overindulge their children in an attempt to influence their children’s preferences between parents. It is also important to avoid speaking negatively about the other parent, criticizing their disciplinary choices, or overriding their rules.


CA divorce lawyerThe end of a marriage is difficult, whether a couple experiences a contentious break-up or an amicable split. Separating yourself from your former spouse and embarking on a new phase of your life as a single person can be a daunting prospect, and it is understandable to feel a great deal of anxiety and stress during this time. However, it is important to take care of yourself during your divorce, and this time of change provides you with a great chance to build a foundation of good self-care that will help you thrive. Here are five tips to follow as you build a new life for yourself:

  • Stay positive - It makes sense to feel a great deal of emotional turmoil about the end of your marriage, but it is best to avoid being consumed by negative emotions like anger, sadness, or guilt. Instead, try to focus on the positive, looking at the good things you do have and the things you have accomplished while feeling compassionate toward yourself and reminding yourself that you have the strength to get through this difficult time.
  • Keep yourself active - You may feel lonely in your newly-single life, and it can be easy to withdraw during this time and spend time by yourself. However, this can lead to unhealthy behavior or depression. Creating and following new routines and keeping yourself moving can help you avoid a sense of being stuck in one place, and getting out of the house to exercise or participate in activities can help avoid feelings of isolation.
  • Take care of your health - It is very important to pay attention to your physical health as you begin this new stage of your life. Make sure to eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only good for your body, but it can greatly benefit your mental health as well.
  • Be involved in your community - Now that you are no longer married, you may have more spare time, and this is a great chance to participate in hobbies or activities you enjoy, learn new skills, and connect with others that share your interests. Signing up for classes, joining a club, or volunteering at a charitable organization are all great ways to be involved in your community.
  • Connect with friends and family - Close friends and family members can provide important emotional support when you need it, so be sure to reach out to others when you need help. This is a good chance to reconnect with those you may have lost touch with during your marriage or cultivate new relationships.

Contact a Los Gatos Divorce Attorney

If you are planning to end your marriage in divorce, or if you have separated from your spouse and need to complete the divorce process, the Law Offices of Benita Ventresca can provide you with the legal help you need. We will work with you to address the legal issues that must be resolved and help you reach an outcome that protects your family’s best interests. Contact a Los Gatos, CA family law attorney today by calling 408-395-8822 to arrange a free consultation.


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CA divorce lawyerIn an ideal situation, marriage is a partnership between two equally-committed individuals who treat each other with love and respect. Unfortunately, however, abusive relationships are all too common, and they can lead to a spouse suffering a great deal of physical, emotional, and mental harm. While the signs of physical abuse may seem easy to recognize, emotional abuse is much more subtle, and victims of this type of abuse may not realize how much they are affected by this type of negative treatment by their spouse. If you recognize any of the following signs in your own relationship, you may want to consider whether ending your marriage through divorce is the best option for you and your family:

  • Walking on eggshells - Do you feel like you always have to tread lightly to avoid angering or upsetting your spouse? A feeling of constant anxiety that anything you might say or do could cause your partner to become offended, disappointed, or angry is a sign of abuse.
  • Feelings of shame or guilt - Abusers will often try to make their victims them believe that they are not worthy of love or blame them for things that are not their fault. An abusive spouse may try to make you feel bad about yourself or claim that nobody else would love you.
  • Emotional manipulation - Abusive spouses often try to manipulate their victims’ emotions in a variety of ways, such as withholding affection until they get what they want, acting hurt to make their partner feel sorry for them, or refusing to acknowledge their partner’s accomplishments.
  • Gaslighting - One of the most severe and insidious forms of emotional manipulation occurs when an abuser makes their victim doubt their own memories and feelings, often by lying about things that they said or did. By causing their partner to question their sense of reality, an abuser gains control in the relationship.
  • Constant criticism - Emotional abuse can take the form of verbally tearing a person down, either through explicitly belittling a person or by making disparaging comments in the form of jokes or backhanded compliments.
  • Jealousy - Does your spouse always want to know where you are and who you are with? Do they require you to constantly check in when you are away from them? These forms of jealousy are another method that an abuser may use to control their spouse.
  • Isolation - Does your spouse refuse to let you spend time away from them with your friends? Have they tried to convince you to cut off contact with certain family members? Isolating a victim from people who could offer emotional support is a common way abusers attempt to maintain control over their partners.

Contact a Los Gatos, CA Family Law Attorney

If you are in an abusive relationship, you may feel that you have no options and no way to escape, especially if your spouse controls your finances or earns the majority of your family’s income. However, you deserve to live a life free of abuse, and you have the right to leave a bad situation and get help. At the Law Offices of Benita Ventresca, we will work with you to protect your rights and help you get the resources you need during a divorce involving an abusive spouse. Contact our Los Gatos divorce lawyer at 408-395-8822 to schedule a free consultation.

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